Some Things I've Built

  • GaadiBazaar (Product of Cholamandalam)

    GaadiBazaar is the online platform for trading vehicles which includes dealing between Seller, Buyer, and Dealer.
    This system is a great platform that helps users to start planning to trade vehicles.
    • It offers the simplest way for users to select a new vehicle (car, truck, bike, bus, equipment) through a step-by-step process.
    • Users can also compare various vehicle models & prices & even different variants of the same model to reach the best conclusion.
    • Boasting details like an on-road price for your city, dealer details, interiors, accessories, expert reviews and ratings, full specs, pictures, wallpapers, and videos for all the models of all the brands.
    • (Highlights: Paynimo, Paytm, Onesignal, FCM, Google Map, Localization, many custom components)
  • Seventh Sense AI

    Seventh Sense is a deep-tech AI company with World-class competency in Face Recognition (FR)
  • Tenshey

    Tenshey is an online coaching platform designed to create communication between coaches and learners helping them with scheduling classes and taking up programs to improve their careers.
    It includes corporate users attending group sessions and facilitating them to improve team building.
  • InkPaper (BlockESign)

    BlockESign is an online platform where documents are shared between multiple users with different roles. The documents undergo multiple changes and the final step is where it is signed digitally. The document sharing and editing among users are carried out similarly as Google Documents(Multi-User Editing, Comments, Suggestion with Approve & Reject option).

    COREDERA is an online platform for brokers to monitor trading and create companies and accounts to perform trading.
  • CrossTower

    CrossTower is an online platform that offers users based in the US and Global locations access trading to digital assets. The users can view the current price and popularity of digital coins and buy, sell or convert them at their convenience.
  • DriveWealth

    Drivewealth is an online trading platform for a modern brokerage for partners and investors to perform trading and keep track of the cash, stock records for easy maintenance.
  • Life is art

    My life is art is a meditation platform that helps the user to access meditation audio and videos uploaded by the admin.
  • Espresso- Capital

    Espresso is an online financial management system. It assists the user to maintain their financial statements for a long period of time. It uses the chart of accounts and trial balance to generate the income statement and balance sheet of the user. It supports third-party software like QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, etc.